• I have been in charge of the development of apps that companies want since the introduction of the iPhone and iPad.
  • Catalog apps for car sales, luxury apartment sales etc...
  • Apps for gyms, medical use etc...
  • Complete porting from Windows software to Mac software (referring to original source code, Or proceed at the same time)
  • Porting the products of a software company that develop software for creating comics that are still used around the world.
  • I liked MIDI musical instruments, and I was also good at processing audio and MIDI data(format), so I was offered to do porting work by a famous Japanese musical instrument company.
  • A partner with someone who recognized my talent, I was in charge of planning, designing, and developing software for Windows and Mac for a long time.
  • I worked as a programmer as an office worker and as a side business writing articles for magazines of Macintosh (writing product introduction,review article, programming lesson) before I started my own personal company or became freelance programmer.
  • I made a lot of software as a hobby. In particular, ’N GAME LIBRABY’ for Macintosh seems to have become famous among Japanese Mac developers at that time. Maybe it was the first game development engine(SDK) for Macintosh in Japan, and it provided only the source code, but I still remember that many overseas users bought it. Before I became a programmer as an office worker. Demo samples of N GAME LIBRARY for Macintosh. (Processing and drawing high-speed many sprite objects(used 68000 Assembly language),Scaling and rotation etc...)