A developer tool that automatically generates as source code for hex code in Swift or C++ languages

May 8,2022

The new 'BinaryToSourceCode for macOS version 1.6.0' is available now on the Mac App Store.

What's New:

-This app has been completely changed to freeware.
(No In-App purchases)

Screen image of the new 'BinaryToSourceCode' for macOS version 1.6

Movie demo of the flow of dragging 10 large files and generating the source code, writing them to the set folder.

Processing speed of the previous version (so slow)

Processing speed of this new version (ultra faster)

The generated source code is about 1.14 million lines in this case

Overview of 'BinaryToSourceCode for macOS'

A developer tool that automatically generates as source code for hex code in Swift or C++(CPP) languages from the files containing all binary data regardless of format.

You can embed files as hex bytes source code that you don't want to be viewed or modified from resources when you develop the macOS app package etc...

For example:
When embedding a large image file or text data in the execution binary code,
You can prevent them from being viewed or modified in a binary editor, etc.
I hope you feel useful when you want to embed arbitrary binary data in the source code.

In addition:
Can add any number from 0 to 255 to each byte string (loop if it exceeds 256).
So this function makes it difficult to grasp the regularity when viewing the binary data of the executable file later.

The setting of this app's window:
"Numerical value to be added to each byte value,loop when it exceeds 256 (0-255)"

When embedding alphabet strings and number strings in binary data,
This is the function to prevent visibility when browsing using a binary editor, etc.

For example,
The value of the original binary data is "0x00ff0102"

If set to 0,
0x00,0xff, 0x01,0x02

Is written as a byte string as it is,

If set to 1, that will be added.
like this,

Is output result.

Terms of Service:

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