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Novemeber 17,2021

The new 'VideoScenePlayer version 4.3.0 for Windows' is available now on the Microsoft Store.

If failed the update (download) in the Microsoft Store app ,
Please try uninstalling 'VideoScenePlayer' and re-downloading it again. Various settings and purchase information for in-app purchases are retained.

What's New:

-Fixed the problems of operation during freeware and operation after purchase.

-Improved the design of the 'About VideoScenePlayer' dialog.

-Changed the app icon

-Fixed some bugs in basic functions

November 16,2021

The next version of 'BinaryToSourceCode for macOS' will be available soon.

What's New:

-Super faster to generate code

-Added a switch to specify uppercase and lowercase letters in the hexadecimal code part

-Automatic saving and restoration of settings

-Process multiple files at once by dragging and dropping (Probably)

Processing speed of the current version

Processing speed of the next version

The generated source code is about 1.14 million lines in this case

November 7,2021

The new 'VideoScenePlayer' version 4.3.7 for macOS is available now on the Mac App Store.

What's New:

-Changed the app icon

-Detailed adjustments, wording changes, and specification changes have been made

-Fixed some bugs

Novemeber 5,2021

The new 'VideoScenePlayer version 4 for Windows' is available now on the Microsoft Store.

What's New:

-Improved panel UI design and operability

-Supports playback of sound files, and you can enjoy two types of visualizers (visual effects) that move rhythmically.

-Sound output function is equipped with three models that output all open sounds, play only the sound of the selected window, and play only the sound of the window on which the mouse cursor is placed.

-Abolished the startup screen that is displayed by default when the first app is launched or no file is open Therefore, it will lanunch seamlessly.
First, Please operate the menu from the icon of this application displayed on the taskbar.

-Many other bug fixes and adjustments.


You can open the same one or more video/sound files in multiple windows and different scenes that you'd like to watch.

(*** This demo video contains sound ***)

October 23,2021

The new 'VideoScenePlayer' version 4.3.5 for macOS is available now on the Mac App Store.

-The old style slider has been abolished.

-Fixed the problem that display problems occur with playing video of a specific image size and ratio.

-Fixed the playback position slider to jump to any clicked position.

-Described the license message (in the dialog of 'about VideoScenePlayer’)

-In-app purchase bugs till version 4.2 have been resolved in this version.

Experience the dynamic synchronization of sound and visuals using this app.(This movie contais the sound.)

October 19,2021

Please let me know by email if you find a bug in my apps I made.I want you to write a simple bullet point(itemize) on how to reproduce the bug.

October 15,2021

The new 'VideoScenePlayer' version 4.2 for macOS is available now on the Mac App Store.

What's New:

-Sound player function supports playback of many common sound formats such as mp3,m4a,aif,caf,wav, etc.

-Equipped with two types of visualizer functions that make you to enjoy sound playback with visual effects

-Even other apps or windows are active , you can instantly operate the slider with the panel operation in the mouse cursor.
(Previously, you had to activate the window with one click once)

-Corrected the wording such as the items in the menu according to the integration of the sound player.

-Fixed some bugs.

You can open and play multiple video and sound files at the same time and save and restore them as scenes.

In 'Glass Mode', you can work and operate with other apps while playing the video with transparency you want.

I hope you would introduce this app (simple review) on your own websites,blogs etc if you feel useful or evaluate my apps or activities.
I will send you a promotion code for an 'Unlimited Pass' of this app.

October 4,2021

The new 'VideoScenePlayer' version 4.1 for macOS is available now on the Mac App Store.

What's New:

-Integrated Music (Sound) player.
(In addition to the previous video files, you can open multiple sound players at the same time)

-Equipped with 3 sound output modes, enjoy a new sound listening experience.

1)Normal mix

2)Sound only for the selected window

3)Sound only for the window when the mouse cursor on it

-Abolished sending information for user analysis via the network.

-Improved to reproduce the placement priority (Z-order) of each window when saving / restoring the scene.

-Fixed a serious bug when opening a file, saving / restoring a scene, etc.

-Fixed some other bugs.

October 7,2020

VScenePlayer/Lite (free version) for Windows are available now on Microsoft Store.

How to open a video in a new window, which is the main function of this video player:

-Right-click on the small icon of this app displayed on the taskbar to show the menu and operate them.
-Right-click on the video file to display the menu and open it with VScenePlayer

September 30,2020

The Windows10 version of VScenePlayer/Lite was released at the Microsoft Store yesterday 29th Japan time. However, due to bug.I stopped the publish once.Currently submitting for modified version, So please wait for a while.

September 29,2020

Since the website has been rebuilt, it will be possible to browse from also smartphones.
The English pages for "Services" and "Works" have also been completed. I hope you would watch them If you are interested in me.

The Windows10 version of VScenePlayer/Lite are currently under reviewed for MicrosoftStore.So when these will clear to review, will be available.

September 23,2020

The new version of VScenePlayer 1.9 (Price Down) and VScenePlayerLite 1.3 for macOS are available now on App Store.

What's New:

-Evolved file menu. You can open the video file in a new window, or change the video in the current window, operate directly.

June 9,2020

A new style video player ’VScenePlayer'version 1.1
(first release) for macOS (Apple Mac) is available on 'App Store'.

June 7,2020

I passed the review for the 'App Store' this morning. I will make some adjustments to improve the quality of this app. Would you please giving me a little more time to release this app.
Apple's reviewer gave me a quick response and a polite explanation. Sincerely thank them.

June 2,2020

I requested the review for the 'App Store' today. I hope I will pass the strict guidelines and let everyone use this app with comfortable. Probably this app,the only one in this style, this will grow further.

May 27,2020

The app I'm developing is currently in the final testing stage for 'App Store' submission.
The category is ’Video'. I want many people around the world who love watching videos to use it. The goal is this app to be the standard in the world of watching videos.

May 22,2020

The app I'm developing on from the Windows version are currently more progressed on the Mac version and are currently in the final adjustment stage. It will be released through Apple's 'App Store' in the near future.